Steelman Wireless Chassis Ear Diagnostic Device JSP60635

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  • Wireless electronic listening / noise finder with 4 transmitters.
  • Allows technicians to listen to brakes, gears, bearings, suspension etc whilst under load so problems can be more accurately pinpointed.
  • Detects squeaks and rattles throughout a car, or truck chassis.
  • Noises can be transmitted up to 50 ft. from transmitter to receiver allowing wireless Chassis Ear to be used on larger vehicles.
  • Wireless channel receiver isolates up to 4 different transmitter locations.
  • LED lights indicate the strength of signal of the active channel.
  • Adjustable volume control, On/Off switch.
  • Listen to noises with the built-in speaker or connect through jack using earphones.
  • Includes: 6 AA batteries, 16 AAA batteries, organizer pouch, location identifier notepad, instruction manual, blow moulded case and 4 clamp on inductive sensors.